Sweetheart Majorettes

If you're just interested for now and would like more information before committing, click the black button so that we can get in touch with you can answer any questions you may have.If you're ready to commit, click the blue button to get on the roster and be sent more information on the upcoming year in the WMB.


As the first female members to join the University of Kentucky Wildcat Marching Band in 1960, the UK Feature Twirlers and Sweetheart Majorette Twirling line is rich in tradition, excellence, and is comprised of national champion twirlers from all over the United States.

Taking pride in being one of the best twirling schools in the SEC, the UK Twirling program loves being a part of the Wildcat Marching Band and representing twirling in front of 70,000+ CATS fans at Commonwealth Stadium. The UK Feature Twirlers and Sweetheart Majorette line also perform at other UK Athletic events, around the Lexington community, and compete on the local, regional, and national level. 

Interested in auditioning to become a 2016 feature twirler? Click here!

Interested in auditioning to become a 2015 Sweetheart Majorette? Click here!

If you are interested in twirling at the University of Kentucky, please contact UK Twirling coordinator Jessie Mamula for more information (uktwirlers1@gmail.com).